NYU Law School is in a Great Location For Finding Work After Graduation

For many New York residents who aspire to become lawyers, the NYU law school is often in the students list of potential schools to attend to get their degree and training to pass the bar. This school has many benefits that tempt even people living in other states to want to make the move out to New York City to attend this school. The schools obvious prestige, to the students, faculty, and more importantly- the law firms looking for bright new graduates to serve in their firm, make it a top choice for many.

One of the main benefits of the location of the school is that it is in a big city where some of the United States most powerful firms to work for reside. If you do well in school and pass the bar with flying colors, many law firms will even seek YOU out. They love the ambition and fresh talent of new lawyers and many firms want to get you before you develop your experience somewhere else so you will gladly follow their own pattern of practicing law, especially if you show supreme talent in school. Some firms will even train you during a probationary period right out of school.

These firms tend to like to hire students that come from NYU law school due to its excellent training program and pedigree of producing some of the top lawyers in the world. The schools tuition is up there around 45,000 dollars, no small change, but you get every penny back in the form of a top notch education. The school has several programs for helping its students find jobs, both temporary that could land permanent positions at some of the most powerful firms in New York, and permanent positions. They work with many of the law firms in and around New York, offering entry level jobs as paralegals and more to get their feet wet. Essentially many of the entry level jobs don’t appear to always be jobs for lawyers per say, but they get you in there and allow the firms top brass to get a look at you and see what your capable of, and what your willing to do to get into their firm.